1. Formal:

1.1 The objects or concepts submitted must relate to the genre of the “artist’s book” as outlined above.

1.2 Competition entries may be submitted as 

  • completed works (Physical objects as well as e-books, traditional and innovative forms of artists’ books, etc. will be accepted.) or
  • conceptual designs that outline, and elaborate on, an idea for a yet-unrealized artist’s book (which may too appear in various forms such as physical objects or e-books, traditional or innovative forms of artists’ books, etc.).

1.3 However, each object submitted must fulfil the following conditions:

  • Transportable (no special shipping needed with regard to size, weight or temperature)

  • Storable (in a surrounding such as an archive or a digital platform)

  • Presentable (in regular art exhibition venues)

1.4 The objects submitted are supposed to reflect recent developments in the artist’s production and therefore should not be older than 2 years.


2. Legal:

2.1 All art objects and conceptual works submitted remain property of the originator. The artist agrees to lend the work submitted to the project consortium until the end of July 2011 (evaluation phase), or, if the work should be awarded a prize, until the end of 2012 for a touring exhibition travelling three European capital cities (Vienna, Prague and Ljubljana) and perhaps to other cities (in a possible follow-up programme of the current project) in a “Mobile Museum”.

2.2 The artist agrees that their artwork will be digitized and published in an online presentation as well as in a printed catalogue planned to be published after the exhibition. The publication will also include the artist’s contact information for people interested to get in contact with the artists directly.

2.3 Artists shall cover the postal charges for shipment of their artwork to the MAK Vienna. Artists will not have to cover any other cost associated their participation in the competition or presentation in the “Mobile Museum”. Conversely, artists shall not be entitled to charge a lending fee to the MAK, the project consortium or any of the exhibition venues involved. Submissions arriving at the MAK by registered mail will also be returned by registered mail. In justified cases, artists may ask for different shipment and loan arrangements; these shall be applicable only after writing confirmation by the MAK.

2.4 The project consortium shall cover insurance costs for all objects submitted for the period starting with the arrival of the object at the MAK and ending with its return to the originator. It is understood that the project consortium shall only take out insurance cover for the risk of damage or loss, provided that the artist quotes a realistic insured value of the respective art object in the online application; otherwise, the risk of damage or loss shall reside with the submitting artist.

2.5 Artists submitting conceptual works must be aware of the limited production time of 12 weeks (July – September 2011) to produce their completed artwork. In the event of their winning, they undertake to complete their artwork in sufficient time prior to the scheduled exhibition opening, i.e. by September 30th, 2011 at the latest. Recognition award winners who have submitted a conceptual design will be contacted for special arrangements to exhibit their projects.

2.6 Submitted objects not selected by the jury will be returned to their originators after the end of the evaluation phase at the organizers’ expense or may be picked up personally at the MAK (July 4th – July 10th, 2011, MAK staff entrance Weiskirchnerstrasse 1, Mon – Sun 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.). Prizewinning works will be returned after the touring exhibition (end of 2012) unless special individual arrangements have been agreed upon earlier.